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Cushing is a very small town located in the northwestern part of Wisconsin. It is in Polk County. The population of Cushing is around 200 people.

Historically, the Cushing area has been populated with dairy farmers. Now, there is a mixture of factory workers, professionals, service workers, and others. There are quite a few residents that make the 50-80 mile commute to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN) area for work.

The area around Cushing is quite scenic with rolling hills, hardwood trees, and open farm land. Several lakes and rivers are scattered throughout the area for fishing and wildlife.

Cushing is still real small, but its proximity to the Twin Cities, recent addition of city sewer, and possible development of subdivisions within a few miles of town signal a period of growth coming for Cushing.

U.S. Bank
Vern's Country Market
Jack's Main Street Tap
Sportsman's Bar and Cafe
Jensen's Garage

Cushing Park
Brenholdt Memorial Park
Polk County Park (in Atlas)
Public Softball/Baseball Field
Skonewood Christian Retreat Center

First Lutheran Church
Laketown Lutheran Church
Atlas United Methodist Church
Wolf Creek Methodist Church

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Okay, so you've heard of Cushing, Oklahoma, Cushing, Minnesota, Cushing's Syndrome, and maybe even Cushing, Nebraska (pop. 32). But, have you heard of USS Cushing? It was the fifth U.S. Navy ship named Cushing! Unfortunately, it was decommissioned in 2005 and used for target practice.

There are other places called Cushing here.

As you may be able to tell, these pages have had very few updates in the past 15 years. Cushing Wisconsin had an official web site that had more current information. But as of 2012, it appears that site is no longer available.